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Pet Doors the Problem and the Solution

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Have you ever come home to find that your sweet innocent lovable pet has decided to do a little redecorating for you while you were out?

They have either scratched your back door or walls, or even in some rare cases jumped through your window?

They may have even moved a few things in the rooms or even left some not so cleaning products on your floors.

In most cases this could have been avoided by giving them a doggy door or a cat flap so they can access the the back yard to stretch their legs chase a cat or even allow nature to happen outside where the grass appreciates it more than your floors.

Your thinking what about security? Well there are Electronic pet door available for both the collared and non collared pets.

In most cases just having a pet doggie door is the best deterrent for would be intruders.

For those in HOA or Strata complex’s there is now an option and an advantage  that is going through your glass patio door or window. Now how does that work you ask? You can have the pet door installed into a new unit of glass which is simply switched over with the original one which you get to keep in a safe place so that if you ever had to sell or move its a fast no mess switch back to the original unit of glass.

This Glass mount option is also great for those situations where you don’t want to cut into walls or doors in fear of having to replace them or fix them at alter time which is usually needed to be done in a hurry. the glass conversion pet door is fast and no mess no fuss and cheap to revert back to the original glass.

The Plexidor Glass Conversion pet doors are the best thing since sliced bread are energy efficient unlike the patio door pet panels that don’t seal well and take up half the patio door and more often than not don’t even lock.

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