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Advantages Of Patio Door Pet Doors

Advantages of Patio Pet Doors
Patio pet doors are available in all sizes, so whether you own a Great Dane or a small cat you can install these doors for your pet. Aside from the usual “giving your dogs freedom and security they need”, there are plenty of advantages that a patio pet door can offer.

These doors allow your pet to enter your home without your assistance when the weather outside is not good or when they want to hide from their enemies.

Another advantage is that it comes in different attractive colors such as white, bronze, and black, which you can blend with your patio. In this case, your pet door can be difficult to notice since you can blend it with your patio’s design and color.

It doesn’t only offer security but it also enhances your house features.
For the full use of these benefits, train your dogs how to use it. If you have a young puppy, wait till he’s at least five months.

The young puppies are not mature enough to use a dog door and handle their business outside your house. Also, they are still young and still needs supervision since they can hurt themselves when they get into trouble.

Patio pet doors allow your pet to enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors. It also offers enhancement to your house since they come in various colors and design, which can blend with your patio.

Using these doors for your pet’s access offers plenty of benefits. Installation is also very easy since it doesn’t require you to make holes in walls or wooden entrance doors.  Generally speaking, these doors cater the needs of both the owner and his pet.

With so many benefits, patio pet doors deliver the needs of you and your pet dog. Not only does it saves time and effort, since regular opening of the door for your pet is eliminated. It gives security to your home. It can even enhance the features of your house since these doors comes in different colors and design.

24 comments to Advantages Of Patio Door Pet Doors

  • John Alan

    What is the average cost?

  • Hi John great question, it depends on the size of the door you need and the size and type of glass you have, Its hard to estimate an average cost without some particulars so please give me a call #604 746 2245 and I can figure out if we have an installer in your area to give you an accurate cost or I can give you an estimate on your installation requirements.

  • Joyce Anderson

    Have basic sliding patio doors. Do you install one door door to go with existing door. What is average cost. doyou install in Seattle.

  • Mary Smith

    Hi there, so you have installers in Calgary, AB? I would be interested in getting a quote if so.


  • Jackie

    I’m interested in this but am wondering about the cost. I’m in Edmonton, AB and would be looking for someone to install it as well so that would be part of the quote I’m looking for. Also wondering about the security of it

  • Dan Jones

    Can the patio pet door be installed on the fixed pane of a sliding patio door? What is the protrusion dimension on the lock side from the glass?

    • Hi Dan it can be mounted on either the slider or fixed side though in some situations you need to check for clearance and the protrusion dimension can vary depending on the thickness of your glass, please give me a call and I can find out a little more about your requirements and see how I can help

  • Catherine

    Is this the type that I must remove my existing glass and you replace it with a plexiglass door with your pet door installed in the plexiglass? I am of the mind that that style might be more cost effective than trying to have the dog door installed into my existing glass door. Also I think it would be easier – and less pricey – as I would simply return the original glass pane when I moved.

    • Hi Catherine yes our pet door must be installed in a new replacement unit of glass or plexiglass if you like but normally your original glass is replaced by a matching replacement unit of glass that has the allowances for the pet door to be mounted into it.
      Yes you can always reinstall the original unit of glass when you no longer need the pet door or move house.

  • John

    Do you have representatives in Cocoa, FL 32927 area?

  • Sandra Thompson

    I am interested in getting one of these. Do you have someone in Columbia, MO that might do this and can you give me an idea of the cost?

    • Hi Sandra thanks for your enquiry, we currently dont have any existing installers in your area but don’t worry as any of your local glass shops should be able to supply the required glass unit and install our pet door. Almost of all of our installers are local glass shops who will replace your existing glass with a new unit that accommodates the pet door.

      What is the size of pet door needed and I can price that for you and your local glass shop will price the glass and installation.
      Please get your glass company to contact me and I will provide all the information they require for the installation.
      We custom assemble your pet door to match your glass thickness and ship within 3-4 days.
      Please give me a call if you have any questions.

  • Cesar Ruiz

    I just moved to Las Vegas, Nv from the Bay area in California where we had one of these dog doors. We loved it. I am interested in having one installed here in Las Vegas. Do you have a distributed/installer here?

    • Hi Cesar we do have an installer option in the Vegas area please give me a call directly and I can find out a little more about your installation requirements and pass on the installers information.

  • Marvalisa Payne

    Hi I have a screened porch. I want to install plexi glass on the bottom which has framed rectangles apprximately 33 in x 35 in. I want to make one of them a dog door with the plexi glass. What are your suggestions?

  • Marvalisa Payne

    I tried calling your number above (604) 746-2460 and this number is a fax number. Do you have another number or maybe someone in the area I can call? I live in Augusta Georgia

  • Shanda Benson

    I am looking to purchase a new 5 ft sliding patio door, to replace a window, is there any where I can buy a complete door with pet door already installed, hate to by new and have to replace glass.

    Also I have a cat and a med size dog, will the cat be able to open the bigger door without problem so they can share.

    I am in Medford, OR

    • Hi Shanda unfortunately there is no manufacturers supplying the plexidors in a sliding door as a new supply and it will have to be installed after your new slider is installed,Your cat should have no problems opening or using the medium or large plexidor pet doors.
      I have also emailed you some further information to help you further.

  • Shanda Benson

    Thank you, I found out that I will not be able to convert the window to a sliding glass door, so I am looking at adding a regular exterior door and probably a wall mount for the fur kids. I didn’t receive your email and I would love any additional info you have. I am very excited to try this door, I had a sliding door panel Insert with the flap style door and did not Like it at all, neither did my dog.

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