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Pet Door Training

How do I train my pet to use the Plexidor®?

There is no standard time frame for pets to learn how to use the doors. It can take 5 seconds or 5 days. To assist them, try propping open the door and entice your pet through the door with a treat. Do this several times in succession. Then close the pet door and entice your pet through several times in succession. For dogs, all of this is usually accomplished in 20 minutes or less. With cats it may take a little longer. For an added incentive with cats it is best to put something they want on the other side of the pet door, like their food bowl. Try to avoid opening the door for your pet as they may quickly get used to having their personal doorman. With a little practice, your pet will learn to use their Plexidor® in no time.

Training for the Plexidor® Electronic pet door can be done by placing a treat on the bottom lip of the pet door so that when your dog aproachs the door to eat the treat the collar tag will trigger the door to open teaching your dog that when they aproach the pet door it will open for them.