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The Installation Process

The Plexidor glass conversion pet door installation process is a fast clean and simple process but requires a glass installation professional to measure and install for you so Contact Us to locate one of our many dealers or installers across the US and Canada to see if there is one servicing your local area.

If we don’t have a professional dealer/installer in your area, any of your local glass shops take care of the measure and installation for you. Just Click Here to Print this Form and take it with you as we find a visual on what you are asking for works best with local glass companies.

Have them call us (604) 746-2245 and we can explain the simple process of the installation of the Plexidor Glass Conversion Pet Door.

We will also help coordinate your installation and provide your installer with detailed instructions to insure everything goes smoothly.

  • After we either locate your local dealer / installer or your local glass shop is ready to complete installation for you.


  • The Dealer or your professional local installer will need to come out and measure your existing glass panels height,width and thickness.



  • If it is one of our dealers then they will return 1-2 weeks later to complete the installation.


  • If you are using your local professional glass company they have the choice to supply you with the pet door, glass and installation or you can purchase the door from us and have them supply just the glass and installation.

Measure and Installation

  1. Measuring for the conversion system takes just a few minutes. The installer measures the width, height and thickness of the existing glass, and makes a few notes about your door. It’s also a good time to confirm the pet opening and any options you may have selected.
  2. If it is our dealer installing for you, they will contact you when your plexidor glass conversion pet door is ready and they will contact you to arrange an installation time.
  3. If it is your glass company taking care of the whole supply and installation, they will contact you when they are ready to install.
  4. If you are ordering just the Pet Door from us and your local glass company is supplying the glass and installation of the door and the glass then you will send us the order form and we will either ship to you or them the Plexidor glass Conversion Pet Door where they will install it into the glass and then come back out to install your new glass unit with the pet door installed.
  5. Installation takes just about an hour. The existing glass is removed and stored in a safe place so it can be reinstalled at a later time if the pet door is no longer required or if you have to move.
  6. The Plexidor glass conversion pet door installs exactly the same way the original glass was, so the full integrity of your patio door is retained.
  7. Your Glass and track is cleaned and you  are now ready relax and wonder why you had not done this sooner.

Contact Us via email to locate your local dealer / Installer

Or Call Us Today 604 746 2245