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Plexidor Glass Conversion Pet Door

The Plexidor Glass Conversion Pet Door with its see-thru shatter resistant insulated dual thermo-pane panels is simply the most energy efficient weather-tight pet door available today and is the only choice for mounting in your sliding patio door, french style door or window.

Whether it is scorching hot or freezing cold you never have to waste energy again by opening your large human door to let your dog or cat in or out again, and all this can happen from the comfort of your couch.

The only glass mount pet door that allows your sliding patio door or window to lock, latch and work just how the factory intended allowing you full access through your door with no panel taking up half the opening.

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The High Quality You Expect Built of the highest quality materials, The Plexidor glass conversion pet door can be installed in the exact same thickness of glass you already have whether it is single or double-pane safety glass, and even a Low-E or tinted finish. Retaining the complete energy efficiency of the original unit of glass. Pet Freedom Means Your FreedomOur Pets love the freedom of the outdoors as much as we do and the Plexidor glass conversion pet door allows them to access that freedom to get some fresh air on those hot summer days as well as allowing them to take care of business and keep the dooty outside and not on your floors.


Measuring for the Correct Pet Door Size

A dog door allows a pet to move freely in and out of a house or patio area without the help of a human.

Dog doors must be the correct size for your pet; otherwise they can be at a high risk for injuries. Measuring the dog from his shoulders to the floor and the width of his widest point will give you the correct measurements for the appropriate door. Pets should not have to stoop low or step up when using the dog door. Common injuries that dogs can receive from a poorly measured door include scrapes, bruises, fractures and even broken bones.

If deciding what size dog door is best for a new puppy, use measurements for the dog door that coincide with what size the puppy will be when a full-size adult. This will decrease any chances of having to continue changing the door as the pet grows.

Measuring the Father (if possible) is the best way to determine what will be your puppies largest grow size to fit the correct pet door size.

Advantages Of Patio Door Pet Doors

Advantages of Patio Pet Doors
Patio pet doors are available in all sizes, so whether you own a Great Dane or a small cat you can install these doors for your pet. Aside from the usual “giving your dogs freedom and security they need”, there are plenty of advantages that a patio pet …

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The Important Things About Dogs and the Hot Weather

No the weather is warming up its time to think about our favorite companions and the hot weather and the fact that their tolerance is no better than ours in the heat infact even less as they can not sweat, they have to pant to cool down.

Below I have listed some very important do’s and don’t s with your pooch in …

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My Dog Just Went Through My Sliding Glass Patio Door

It was a day just like any other, and as my family and I were just sitting watching the hockey while patting our dog Bailey who is a Husky Shepherd (not a small dog ).

When a noise or something on the deck must have caught his eye outside.

Then our normally sleepy …

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Pet Doors and HOA’s and Strata’s

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For years now you have been wanting a pet door to allow your companion the freedom to come and go at their leisure but have been restricted by the HOA or Strata not allowing any holes to be cut into walls and doors …

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